Monday, July 6, 2009

Long overdue

Where has the time gone??? So much has time has gone by but had to post that I am a new grammie again. Another litte guy has joined our family. Camden Grant Bernard was born on June 26. He was 7 lbs and 21 inches long. Another blessing to add to our family. God is so good to us.

Because I have already uploaded pictures on my face book - come and check them out there if you can. Unless of course I find some time to upload some more here! But here are a couple of the kids just in case you can't. The one with all our grandkids was taken on July 4.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

April Update

Lots going on and I have been busy as usual but I have some pictures that I want to share with you all. I have been on vacation this past week and have been spring cleaning. I have been wanting to clean and organize each room in hopes that it will stay clean and make life a little easier with 6 living here now. Almost done - yeah!

Getting ready for going back to school this week and also Jess and I are going to change our gym routine and try to go early in the morning so we can come straight home after picking her up from work. Getting up early will be rough to start but in the end it will be worth it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Prayer Request and Update

Wow where has time gone - has it really been a whole month plus since I had the time to post something. Even now I don't time to post any pictures but I wanted to share somethings going on in my life.

My mom was taken into the hospital on Friday, those of you who know the family know that the last two times previous hospital stays have basically been to bring the family in and say good-bye only to have her pull through. Anyways I know one of the reasons she is there. One of my oldest sisters (we share the same father) was brought in to the ER 15 minutes after my mom. She is not doing well and isn't expected to make it. I have always really liked this sister and although she is much older than me I appreciated every time I saw her she made sure that I knew she loved us and that everyone knew that I was her sister - not half sister, or some long lost relative.

They were both being admitted - Flo was to go to floor and my mom the 4th. Guess what they ended up 3 rooms from each other. Considence that they end up in ER together or on the same floor together - I think not!

Anyways I was really burdened to share my faith because I knew that there was a really good chance she would die without knowing Jesus as her Saviour. But the problem was that I was really scared. I thought maybe I could send someone from the church that would better explain the free gift of salvation and then she could spend eterinty in heaven not hell.

But to make a long story short on Sunday afternoon I was able to talk with Flo. She stayed awake for a long while. I asked her if she knew today if she died would she go to heaven - she said no and then I asked her if she wanted me to tell her about it. She said yes and not long after I was able to lead her to the Lord and Flo asked Jesus to forgive her sin and come into her heart and save her and to take her to heaven when she died. We both cried and then I told her about what the Bible says about heaven, gold streets, no sickness, pain or crying. Then I asked her when you get there and after you meet Jesus - Dad is going to be there waiting for you and I asked her to give Dad a big hug for all of us and to tell him we miss and love him so much. Then we talked about her seeing our sister Phyllis and our brother David who both died as babies and also our brother Clyde who recently died who we didn't know he was saved until his funeral.

Please pray for Flo that her entrance into heaven will be as peaceably as possible and pray for her family. She has 5 daughters, Linda, Sandra, twins Jan and Judy and Patty plus grandchildren and great grandchildren and lots of brothers and sisters.

My request is also that she will not die alone - that our family will get the burdened to sit with her and walked her through this difficult time. Hold her hand, talk with her, pray with her, Be a comfort to her. The family is meeting with the hosipice care tomorrow.

I for one will miss her!

Also my mom is doing okay she has bacterial infection in her blood which they are treating. She needs to have a scope done tomorrow to make sure its not in her heart vavle so please pray for her also.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New pictures of Grayson

Enjoy the slideshow of recent pictures of Grayson!

Birthday Party at Jokers for Kelsey & Kaylee

Stacy and Doug had a birthday party for the girls at Jokers. The following pictures were taken that night.

Winter in Maine

Another snow storm - sure is pretty but alot of work

A short slide show of winter at our house

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finally an update

Busy, Busy, busy, get up, bring Jess to work, go to work, pick up Jess, go to gym, home finally by 7 PM, supper and bed - all to start over again.

Here is a slide of Kelsey and Kaylee birthday